Wheeler Walker Jr.


Wheeler has genital warts. Major genital warts. He wheels around and spreads his despicable seedy warts amongst the cosby kids in Season 9 episode 5 "The wheelchaired aids. He is a nasty ass nogga as they say in philly. Fat Albert once tried to shoot him with a pinecone gun, but wheeler coomed.


Wheeler was born a rapist. He raped his mother's vajayjay at the tender age of 0, and became addicted to cooming, and kayaks. Yep. A type of boat. Wheeler is not the sharpest tool in the shed, but he's an all star and he grew up in Philly where he would rape people. Especially Dumb Donald who was too dumb to know that he had genital warts. How could he? His lower half is as useless as him. Look at him. Look at his picture Reddragon93. Please? See. He's a convicted felon.

The True Story of Wheeler Walker Jr.

Wheeler likes to fap to Hello Kitty. A guilty pleasure of his! LOL! But Wheeler does have a friend. A crusty sock that he fills with his Coom named Walker. Get it!? LMAO! WALKER AND WHEELER!? Because Wheeler has Genital Warts? Yeah anyway, so Fat Albert was trying to run from Wheeler. And Wheeler was run-...Wheeling towards him. Fat Albert would have gotten away...But they were going downhill...OH NOSIES :( So...What will Fat Albert do? Fat Albert punches Wheeler out of his wheelchair...But it was too late. The coom infested face of Wheeler Walker Jr...Had infected Albert with Genital Warts. Fat Albert Pussed up and died. What a shame. He will be missed. Then Reddragon93 came out of nowhere and helped Wheeler back into his wheelchair and said "Nice try moron. I will retell your story and fill it with lies." How tragic.

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