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[[Category:Reformed characters]]
[[Category:Reformed characters]]
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[[Category:African american characters]]
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wambly is a character that only appeared in smoke gets in your hair

he first appeared being found by Fat albert smoking in the janitor's closet and then Fat Albert tells him that it's bad for you but he just mocks and insults him and then he is seen smoking cigarettes by his house and everyone thinks it's cool except for Fat Albert and then he makes fun of Fat Albert again and then he starts coughing and then doesn't know why he's coughing and bill explains that because you can respiratory problems from smoking and then he is seen again smoking with Rudy and then his dad comes and gets upset about Wambly's smoking problem and then a cigar is shown in his hand and makes up that he's quit smoking a hundred times meanwhile Fat Albert goes to talk to Ms. Bryfogel about his problem and then she says to wait for him to see how harmful smoking can be and then meanwhile when Wambly is going to the game his dad starts coughing and then he says he's fine but he is still sick and then he goes to the game and while he's at the game his dad keeps on coughing while he plays and then when he falls down he helps him and then at the end they both go home. 
 he is voiced by Eric Suter who is the voice of Rudy
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