Violet is Weird Harold's girlfriend from the episode, "No Place Like Home."


Fat Albert and the gang along with Weird Harold's new girlfriend, Violet help raise money for a school field trip. As for Harold and Violet, their relationship seems pretty good except when it comes to home life for Violet. She lives around a poor area in a small house with her mother and two younger siblings while her father recovers in the hospital. Fat Albert and Bill hear from Violet's younger brother, Chuckie that they live in the little house on the streets. Harold later discovers when he arrives with the gang for her birthday party. Embarrassed, Violet run out of the house crying as Harold tells her that he likes her no matter where she lives. Soon, Fat Albert, The Kids and Violet's family celebrate her birthday along with her loving boyfriend, Harold.


Violet appears to be a tall girl. She wears a yellow head band, a yellow shirt, purple pants and brown shoes.


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
  • There were three other female characters from the show that were named Violet.


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