The Weird Harold Special
(aka Bill Cosby vs. Fat Albert: The Great Go-Cart Race)

Original Air Date

May 4, 1973 (NBC)

Directed by

Hal Sutherland

Produced by

Lou Scheimer
Norm Prescott

Written by

Jim Ryan
Bill Danch
(based on a story by Bill Cosby)

Voice Cast

Bill Cosby
Kelvin Cosby
Arlyce Baker
Gerald Edwards
Jan Crawford
Pepe Brown
Miyoshi Williams
Sid McCoy
Henry Silva
Lee Weaver
Tomivitta Moore

The Weird Harold Special is a proto-pilot episode of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids originally produced in 1971, but aired on NBC in May 1973; Similar to the 1969 animated special, NBC continued to hold the rights to this episode after CBS began airing the regular series in September 1972.

Inspiration Edit

The episode's storyline was based on a routine from Bill Cosby's 1966 Grammy-winning album Wonderfulness. In the story, called "Go Carts", Cosby related how he and a bunch of other neighborhood kids stole nearly 300 baby coach wheels to use on homemade go-cards for a big downhill race. When parents started complaining to police about the stolen wheels, the kids hid them and waited a few days "for the heat to blow over" before they held their race, but in the end they were all caught when they were stopped by "nine hundred cop cars" at the bottom of the hill on which they were racing. (According to Cosby, the hill was named "Dead Man's Hill" because it went straight down for a quarter-mile before emptying out onto a freeway.)

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