Suede Simpson


Suede Simpson is a one-time character who appears in the season 4 episode of the same name. He is voiced by Eric Suter, who also voiced Rudy.Art by David Kyffin from Saint John N.B.

Appearance & Personality[edit | edit source]

Suede is skinny and lanky, and fancies himself a sharp dresser, wearing a white hat, a blue sport coat with a yellow frilly dress shirt, white pants and blue shoes. He is also easy-going and believes himself to be a smooth talker and tends to be generous to his friends, suggesting he comes from a family whose affluence is similar to Rudy's.

Though he did his best to keep up appearances, Suede's biggest problem was that he never bathed, and thus his body odor became an annoyance to everyone around him, though no one, even Fat Albert, could bring themselves to say as much to him. His body odor became so bad that the gang later drew straws to see who would have to tell Suede to do something about his odor. Rudy tricked Fat Albert into drawing the long straw, but even with dropping subtle hints Fat Albert didn't want to hurt Suede's feelings.

But things came to a breaking point when Suede crashed a party and started dancing, sending his pungent odor everywhere. Never known for his tact, Russell is the one who flat out breaks the word to Suede about his annoying stink, and as expected, Suede leaves the party in a huff. Moments later, standing alone on a street corner, when a dog walks a wide circle around him, Suede finally gets the point and decides to literally clean up his act, much to everyone's surprise, and pleasure.  

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