Slim is Fat Albert's pal who used to have problems with eating junk food all the time.

Junk FoodEdit

Slim was first shown in at Nick's Candy Store with Fat Albert eating candy. Until Rudy shows up and scolds at Fat Albert for not showing up at the circus that they gang had put on. The gang then scolds and laughs about over how much junk food Fat Albert eats as soon as he got to the junkyard. Later on slim meets up with Fat Albert and offers him more candy, but Fat Albert refuses, as he decides to cut back on how much he eat, however, he changes his mind and takes a handful of them. As Slim takes a bite, he suddenly, has a toothache, leading to have cavities. Fat Albert than takes him to the dentist for treatment. The dentitst recommends that Slim and Fat Albert to go on a proper diet from eating junk food. But only Fat Albert complies as he begins to eat rightand getting a newfound level of energy. However, Slim continues with the junk food diet and continues to suffer with low energy and stomach pains. Things get worse during a football game against a rival gang when Slim feels run out and plays poorly, leading to Fat Albert's team to losing in the end. Eventually, Slim  vows to take better care of his body and follow a more proper diet. 

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