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{{Delete}}"Looks like it's time for me to head home"
-Sid, Moments before the birth of his own child
Sid Sloane is a demigod, who takes the form of the worst type of human. He has no set appearance in any episode of Fat Albert, yes his presence is known. He is frequently seen causing freak accidents, before leaving the scene, happy with the damage he has caused, both physically and mentally
== Personality ==
Sid is a malicious God, striking down anyone at the sight of opposition, he is the reason the allies won WWII
== Appearance ==
Sid's appearance is always the same, he never wears any clothes, and lets his 12" of manhood flop around in the wind
== Trivia ==
Despite popular theory, Sid has no gender, sex or name
Sid has raped and killed multiple, this isn't a joke

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