Scrap Iron Yates

Scrap Iron Yates is a one-time character appearing in the Season 1 episode "The Hero". He fancies himself cool and untouchable, but he is lofty and double-dealing, and his cockiness ultimately gets him in trouble with the law.

"The Hero"

Fat Albert and the gang (except for Russell) all look up to Scrap Iron as a hero, and Scrap Iron is aware of it, taking advantage of their fawning by getting them to pay off his pawn loans and give him money so he can shoot pool. When Rudy and the others beg him to let them come in the pool hall (which doesn't allow minors) to watch him play; he agrees, but when the manager asks Scrap Iron about them, he claims he doesn't know them. Later, the gang are all wanting an explanation, but the only one gutsy enough to ask is Russell; Scrap Iron only says that he had his reasons for doing what he did, which the others readily accept, but not Russell.

Initially, Russell is the only one who sees Scrap Iron for what he really is, but Russell is reprimanded by Bill for his remarks and ordered to keep his mouth shut, which Russell grudgingly agrees to.

Later, Scrap Iron makes the gang clean his chopper motorcycle; he subjects their handiwork to the white glove test and is not pleased. After taking the bike for a test run, the others all beg him to give them a ride, but Scrap Iron will only do it for money, and he picks Fat Albert, Bill and Weird Harold as they have the most money among them. The three pile on the seat behind Scrap Iron, and he takes them on a wild and very dangerous ride through the streets, which culminates in a street cop getting splashed with mud from a puddle Scrap Iron drove through. After crashing into a giant dirt pile, the cop approaches, and Scrap Iron accuses Fat Albert, Weird Harold and Bill of trying to steal his bike, which they rightly deny.

Noticing the motorbike has no license plate, the policeman asks Scrap Iron for his registration, which he does not have, and then his license, which he claims he does have, but it turns out to be an expired learner's permit. The policeman gets on his radio to check Scrap Iron's record, but when Scrap Iron tries to make a break for it on his bike he is stopped by Russell when he puts a construction hook and line on the bike's seat, bringing Scrap Iron's escape to a screeching halt and sending him and his bike falling into a cement mixing trough.

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