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Russell Cosby

Portrayed by

Jan Crawford (TV series)
Jermey Suarez (film)

"No Class."

[~Russell's signature putdown]

Russell Cosby is the youngest and smallest member of the Junkyard gang. He is the younger brother of Bill and is based on Bill Cosby's real-life brother.


Regardless of the weather, Russell always wears winter clothes: dark blue coat, red boots, a yellow scarf, and a Ushanka hat. In the Episode Film Follies russel is shown to dress like tweeterbell the same thing happens in Hero time.In the halloween special he is shown dress like a alien of some sort


Russell has a penchant for "telling it like it is", to wit, making blunt observations (much to Bill's consternation). Russell frequently makes snide remarks, reserving his most withering insults for Rudy when he is being especially cocky. Russell's catchphrase is "no class."

In the Junkyard Band Russell plays a xylophone made from empty cans hanging from a discarded coat rack. Russel is very little he is a person who says what he thinks in his mind he and rudy usally bullies each other which happen often in alomost every episode.Russel usally steams up[anger]Rudy sometimes due to his punch line