Fat Albert has had some references in various other media.

TV Shows Edit

Animaniacs Edit

  • In the episode "Back in Style", the Warners come across a parody of Fat Albert named Obese Orson, making fun on how limited Fat Albert's animation is.

The Cleveland Show Edit

  • In the episode "The Way the Cookie Crumbles", the end of the second act is a parody of the original show, with Bill Cosby appearing as the narrator, poking fun of Bill Cosby's sexual assault allegations.

Drawn Together Edit

  • Fat Albert himself appears in various episodes, albeit with a blue sweater and brown pants.
  • In the episode "Toots Goes Bollywood", Fat Albert and all of the Junkyard Gang appeared as the main "antagonists" in Foxxy's story. Their names and appearances have been altered.

Fat Albert - Phat Allen

Bill - William

Russell - Mr. Russell

Bucky - Chucky

Dumb Donald - Not-Bright Donald

Rudy - Smoothy

Weird Harold - Strange Arnold

Mushmouth - Mushy Mouth

The Fairly OddParents Edit

  • In the television movie "Channel Chasers", one of the shows Timmy visits is a parody of Fat Albert named Heavy Hal. Timmy is dressed up as Dumb Donald.

Family Guy Edit

  • In the episode "I Am Peter, Hear Me Roar", Fat Albert is one of the neighbors of Spooner Street picked for the timeshare of a boat.
  • In the episode "Peter Griffin: Husband, Father...Brother?" The Junkyard Gang cheers for Peter after his speech.
  • In the episode "Baby Not On Board", in a cutaway gag very similar to Mad TV's, Fat Albert appears as "Morbidly Obese Albert", and all of the Junkyard Gang (except Bill) are in it.

Mad TV Edit

  • In Episode 11 of Season 10, a parody of the original show named "Morbidly Obese Albert" appears. Fat Albert and all of the Junkyard Gang (except Rudy and Bucky) were in the sketch, along with Bill Cosby as the narrator.

Scrubs Edit

  • In the episode "My Day Off", a fantasy has Fat Albert and all of the Junkyard Gang laughing.

South Park Edit

  • In the episode "Clubhouses", Stan's mother forces Stan and Kyle to watch a parody of Fat Albert named "The Fat Abbot Show" instead of Terrance and Phillip. Unbeknownst to her, it's equally as vulgar. Fat Albert, Dumb Donald (who speaks like Mushmouth), Russell and Rudy appear.

Video Games Edit

M.U.G.E.N Edit

  • Fat Albert is a character for M.U.G.E.N, created by D.D.R (Derrick D. Rowell). All of the Junkyard Gang (and Mudfoot) appear as assists. He can also become a form named "Brown Albert", which gives him the abilities of the Brown Hornet. However, he has many out-of-character qualities, such as farting.
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