Red awfifuckfyufjsefiosefjiowefjiookp is a teenage singer who appears in the episode, "Don't call Us."


The school has an assembly featuring the gang's classmate, Red Riley, who performs her first original song on stage. The gang congratulates her including her music teacher, Miss Kwon, who talks with Red in private about the her grades going down and skipping a few of her classes. Red is still not giving up her future career, she plays her #1 hit at a comic book store and The kids tell her that school's more important.

When Red wrote her second song, her DJ says it sounds exactly like her first song. Frustrated, Red takes a bus, where in an alley, she meets her favorite singer, Laney, who looks worn out and also skipped school and left for her singing career.

Laney tells her leave the she gets robbed by a bunch of punks until Fat Albert, Rudy and the rest of the gang save her. Red then changes her mind and decides to go back to school, where she showed the gang her homework she carries in her guitar case.


Red dresses like an 80's rock star since this episode was aired in the 80's. She is Caucasian with short, red hair and wears an orange shoulder-less shirt, blue matching bracelets, purple pants, leg warmers and black flats.

Her guitar has her initials on the front.


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
  • Erika Scheimer even provided Red's singing voice performing, "I'm a Rock n Roll Star."
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