Penny is a young girl who appears in the Season 1 episode "The Tomboy."

"The Tomboy" (Episode)[edit | edit source]

She is first introduced to Fat Albert and the gang at school by their teacher, Ms. Bryfogel. Penny has nine brothers, and as such she learned how to play numerous sports and became an excellent athlete, much to the chagrin of Fat Albert and the others as she is always wanting to play along with them in whatever they happen to be doing; when one of the gang tells her that she can't do something better than them, she manages to show them up every time, much to Russell's delight, and the others' frustration.

Penny becomes so much of an annoyance to the gang that they run and hide whenever she comes around looking for them. When a mutual friend, Violet, points out to Penny that she doesn't know much about being a girl, Violet convinces Penny to compete in a baking contest, but when Fat Albert, who overhears the conversation, declares that he will win the contest, Penny's competitive spirit reemerges, much to Violet's consternation.

Penny and Fat Albert compete in the contest, and despite Penny's dirty tricks, Fat Albert wins, at which point Penny turns into a sore loser complaining that the contest was not fair, but Fat Albert puts her in her place when he reminds her that the judge was a woman. Penny's poor sportsmanship earns an observation from Cosby that "Penny's style of L.G.L. (Little Girl Lost) turned out to be N.G. (no good)", and also a deserved put-down from Russell: "no class".

Following the contest, Fat Albert and Penny begin to see more eye-to-eye on things, and Penny decides to teach Fat Albert some pointers on tennis.

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Penny is voiced by Erika Scheimer

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