Pee Wee

Pee Wee is a little boy and a good friend to Fat Albert and The Gang.

In "The Runt", the Junkyard Gang thought he couldn't play in their game of basketball to beat The 3-River Blockbusters and made fun of him, which made him very sad.

When Fat Albert saw he was sad he went to talk with him and decided to let him play more games with them. He wasn't good at baseball, but he was good at kicking a football. The 3-River Blockbusters saw he was so good so they planned to get their "secret weapon".

When the Gang and Pee Wee were playing football with The 3-River Blockbusters, and they were loosing, The Blockbusters pulled out their "secret weapon", a huge, tall, and muscular man. Then, the "secret weapon" threw the ball too fat and it went into a hole in a wall. It was way to small for any of the Gang or the Blockbusters to go in, and too far away to reach in, so they tried to send Cluck in to get it. However, Cluck got scared at a spider. They all thought they would not be able to get the ball. However, they then realized that they could send Pee Wee in since he's so small. Pee Wee was able to get the ball and gave it to the leader of the 3-River Blockbusters. They thanked and said they'll never make fun of little guys again, but they will still make fun of Fat Albert.

Pee Wee also appeared shortly in the episode "Sign Off" where Cool Roy wrote graffiti.


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