Owen is an antagonist in faking the grade

it first happens that when the gang are at the gym they are exercising and when they did it good the coach invited to eat pizza and then miss Wucher has to talk with dumb Donald about his grades saying their not good and he has to improve them or he'll have to go to another school then he goes to join the gang to eat pizza while Rudy acts obnoxious and does not listen to not eat the hot pizza fat albert sees dumb Donald and goes out outside ask him about the talk and tells him that if he doesn't get good grades he will have to go to another school and then fat albert tells him to join them

then he joins them eating and then talks about it to the gang and then Owen sees him and asks his friend who he is says he's dumb Donald and gets an idea to make him cheat he then meets him and tries to make him cheat and gives him a envelope of the answer sheet and dumb Donald does not want to look at it but Owen lies to him saying it will help him with the test the next day dumb Donald was studying in the library for the test and can't do it well and then Owen tells dumb Donald to use the envelope to cheat while studying but dumb Donald refuses to do it but he insists him to do it meanwhile dumb Donald is studying in the library when Owen comes and tells him to take the envelope but dumb Donald refuses to do it and then the gang comes and he runs away and fat albert asks dumb Donald who that was and weird Harold said it was Owen Thomas who gives answer sheets to people so they can cheat and fat albert says for dumb Donald not to make him cheat but dumb says he has to pass meanwhile when dumb Donald talks with fat albert he tells him not to let him make him cheat and then Owen comes and gives him the envelope and feels upset about it and then his dad comes in and talks to him about not listening to him and not to cheat and to be good in the test and not cheat giving him confidence dumb Donald throws away the envelope the next day miss wucher Congratulates him on doing good on the test it is un known what happened to Owen he might have gotten in trouble for making people cheat by either miss wucher or mr. mannendez

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