"Nop-ba. I believ-ba ev-bebody."
―Mushmouth, asked if he could tell when someone's lying, Lies


James "Mushmouth" Mush

Voiced-ba by-ba

Bill Cosby (classic series)

Portrayed by-ba

Jermaine Williams (film)


James "Mushmouth" Mush is a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the Junkyard Band he plays a homemade guitar.


Mushmouth is a very laid back, friendly, easy going fellow. However, similar to most of the gang, he can be responsible when he needs to. He'll always lend a hand when the Gang is undertaking a project.His most prominent characteristic is his massive speech impediment. (which adds -ba at the end of most of his words). Aside from the occasional input into a group conversation, Mushmouth usually tends to keep to himself.


Mushmouth is a short, round African-American teenager. His blubbering speech is caused by his slack jaw and big ol lips. Despite his heavy speech impediment, Mushmouth wasn't shown to be overly dumb.

He wears a red knit cap, a blue scarf, a yellow t-shirt, red pants (held by a black rope tied to his waist), and yellow sneakers with blue circles.

In the film, his appearance has many notable differences. Instead of his pants being held by a black rope, they're now held by rainbow-colored suspenders. His sneakers are now white and yellow.


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