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"Nope-buh. I believ-buh ev-be-body."
―Mushmouth, when asked if he could tell when some's lying in the episode Lying.


James "Mushmouth" Mush

Voiced By

Bill Cosby (classic series)

Portrayed By

Jermaine Williams (film)

James "Mushmouth" Mush is a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the Junkyard Band he plays a homemade skiffle-style guitar made from a woo box and a handle from an upright vacuum cleaner.


Mushmouth is very easy-going and friendly. However, similar to others in the gang, he can be responsible when necessary. He'll always lend a hand when the Gang is undtaking a project.

His most prominent characteristic is his speech impediment (caused by a slack jaw and no chin), adding '-buh' at the end of most of his words ("Hey-buh, man-buh"), comparable to speaking in "Ubbi-Dubbi". But despite Mushmouth's encumbrance, his strong personality tends to do him credit. Aside from the occasional input into a group conversation, Mushmouth usually keeps to himself.

In the film after coming to life, he meets a young girl at the park, and he is intrigued by her balloon. Then after she helps him pronounce the word balloon properly, he begins to speak perfectly and not in ubbi-dubbi. He is rejoiced to finally be able to speak properly and he also learns that he has a talent for singing. However, once he returns to the cartoon, he tried to speak perfectly again, but failed and spoke ubbi-dubbi again.


Mushmouth wears a red knit cap, a blue scarf, an orange t-shirt, red pants (held by a black rope tied to his waist), and yellow sneakers with blue circles.

In the film, his appearance has several notable changes. Instead of his pants being held by a black rope, they are held up by rain-colored suspenders (that help to cover his ample stomach). His sneakers in the film are white and yellow.