Mudfoot Brown Johnson

Voiced by

Bill Cosby

Mudfoot Brown Johnson is an elderly vagrant who frequently gives advice to and is a close friend of Fat Albert and the Junkyard Gang.


Mudfoot is supposed to be this great guy all the kids are supposed to look up to, but in reality, he's just a fucking selfish arrogant asshole, in the Halloween special, he stole all the gang's candy and didn't feel bad about it at all, and when the scene ended, that retard Fat Albert called him a great guy, like what? That piece of shit just stole your candy and you say that? What the fuck is wrong with you? This fucking loser always sucks Mudfoot's cock no matter what, he's a terrible, terrible person, he's raped several young children when he was in his 30s, but now he's in his 80s and he's still doing it! In a deleted scene from Busted it shows him molesting Russell in the clubhouse, and he said he'd slit his throat if he ever told the rest of the gang about it, he's committed numerous crimes such as robbing Fat Albert's fatass dad at least 6 times a year, yet he never notices it and also thinks Mudfoot is supposed to be this great guy, in fact, everyone thinks that, no one ever noticed how much of an awful human being he is. He's even done crack cocaine, meth, heroine, you name it! Yet he gets away with all of it, he's had a heart attack in 2 episodes and everyone was sad about it and wanted him to live, but you blind morons would've been better off if he was dead.


In almost every scene, he has the appearance of what he'd look like after making a 4 year old suck his cock.


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