Maryann is a young teen girl whose a baseball player from the episode, "Three Strikes And You're In."


Fat Albert and his friends need a pitcher for their baseball team until Albert finds Maryann. He takes her to the clubhouse and introduces her to the gang. The kids denied the fact she's a girl and saying that girls can't play baseball. Disappointed, Maryann leaves the junkyard but Albert wants Maryann on their team to play against the opposite team, The Tenth Street Tigers. As she plays for Fat Albert's team, she has the help of Russell to pinch hit for her. They won afterwards as Fat Albert makes a home run. Soon, The Gang learns that it doesn't matter if you're either a boy or girl to play baseball and as for The Tigers, they ask her to try out for the Junior league.


Maryann is a Caucasian blonde with her hair in a ponytail, wearing a dark pink shirt and shorts.


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
  • This episode gives a lesson on sexism
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