Marshall is a little boy who appears in "The Fat Albert Christmas Special."

"The Fat Albert Christmas Special"Edit

Marshall first appears knocking on Fat Albert's clubhouse for help. He explains that his parents are in trouble. They came into town so his dad Ray could get a job,but it fell through so they are homeless, and his mom is Marge is pregnant and going into labor. The guys try to help them by turning away from the nearby hospital because they have no insurance, and are told to go to the city's hospital as a charity case, but it's too far away. Later on, as Marshall was walking back to the clubhouse, he over hears Ray in discouragement that he doesn't know how he will take care of everyone. Marshall decides to run away to spare his dad's troubles. When they realize he's missing, the guys search for him. As Marge is ready to have a baby, they get Doc Brown to come to the clubhouse. Soon they gang saved Marshall from falling into an icy river when he tries to get away from them, but he still runs away again afterward. Eventually, Mr. Tyrone with a change of heart finds Marshall and takes him back to the clubhouse, reuniting with his parents and the newborn baby. By the end of the special, Tyrone helps his dad finds a job,and takes the family to a good hospital. 


  • He is voiced by Eric Greene
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