marlon is a character that only appeared in handwriting on the wall the gang first saw graffiti on the wall and then saw it throughout the town

and then saw then that marlon was writing graffiti on walls and fences everywhere

and then he saw the gang and he and then was telling him that he shouldn't do that but he kept on doing it and then miss wucher said that the field trip was cancelled because they couldn't get money for the field trip so the gang decided to clean all the graffiti

they did it to raise money for the field trip then there was graffiti again on the walls and then they cleaned it off again and there was more of it and the gang saw marlon writing graffiti writing graffiti again and the gang got upset because they just finished cleaning the fences but marlon kept on writing graffiti so they did a play to earn money for the field trip and got marlon to be in it fat albert asked rudy where marlon was and rudy didn't see him and then they started the play about writing graffiti where holds the sign for the audience also bucky and russel play two kids writing on the the wall and then weird Harold plays a man that gets mad with bucky and russel because they're writing graffiti on his yard and then in they play they show that fat albert and the gang would go on a bus and go to the library and rudy as a book is shown written on and says he does like be scribbled on and does like to be wrecked and marlon shows himself and that he used to write graffiti and then marrlon saying it was wrong to write graffiti and reforms at the end and they play ends

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