Lucius is a teen boy from the episode, "An Ounce of Prevention."

Background Edit

He is first seen showing Fat Albert and the gang a card trick and promises pizza to the gang but the next day, Lucius is laughing while seeing Fat Albert try to do the trick he showed the gang and tries to show but then tells him that he is a pain angrily and then leaves and then sees Rudy and then tries to show him the trick and then tells him to get lost the next day gang comes to Lucius's house for him to take them to eat pizza but then doesn't remember and then Fat Albert sees Lucius going and follows him and sees him in somewhere and finds him drinking and Fat Albert says he shouldn't but he doesn't listen and then fat Albert has a meeting about Lucius drinking and Fat Albert says the thing to do is talk to his parents about it but Rudy says they should make see hallucinations and then he sees a spider and gets scared and keeps on drinking meanwhile at Fat Albert's house Fat Albert talks with Lucius's parents which was good for him to do the next day Fat Albert sees Lucius and then says to Fat Albert that he made his bottle disappear.

Trivia Edit

  • He is voiced by Eric Suter, aka The voice of Rudy
  • There was another episode, "The Whiskey Kid where there was another kid, Peter, also voiced by Eric Suter
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