Leola is a teenage girl and is a talented artist.  

She appears in the episode, "You Gotta Have Art."  


Leola usually draws to express herself whatever mood she's feeling.

She appears to be an introvert and really doesn't have any friends until she met Fat Albert and the gang, who they seem impressed her drawings but Rudy harshly criticizes about the artwork in the clubhouse, causing Leola to run off upset. She nearly falls into the sea but luckily, Rudy comes to her rescue. Rudy apologizes to Leola as she forgives him, expressing her gratitude to him for saving her life. 


Leola is African-American with her hair in cornrows/braids with yellow beads. She wears a white, short-sleeved shirt with an auburn top underneath, light auburn pants and yellow shoes.


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
  • Leola resembles both Janine from "Water You Waiting For?" and The trophy girl from "Justice As Good As Ever"
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