Lauri is the deuteragonist of the fat albert movie she is Doris's foster sister from the movie who Fat Albert had a crush on and Reggie.


She then had a crush on Fat Albert, she then wanted Doris to go to the party of Heather, and then she and Doris and everyone else saw Fat Albert singing and there was when reggie tried to rudly kiss Doris, and that's when Fat Albert said you stay away from her or you're gonna have to deal with me and then she walked with Fat Albert, and she kissed Fat Albert and then Fat Albert danced happily, then she Fat Albert Mushmouth Bill Rudy and Doris went to the fair when a kid told him he has to go back because bad things are happening in the cartoon he goes to Bill Cosby's house, and he tells him if he stays he'll get turned into celluloid dust, and then he goes to tell Lauri that hes actually a cartoon character but she didn't belive him and thought that she was leaving him, and she saw that she actually was when came out of the TV and when Fat Albert was going to leave she kisses Fat Albert, and Fat Albert leaves and then watches the cartoon with Lauri she is not seen at the ending.

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