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Larry is a trouble-making boy who appears in the episode, "Busted."


An old friend of Rudy who was known to have been in trouble with the law, One day, he meets Rudy and enjoys chatting with him on Rudy's way home, Rudy's mother, who noticed them out the window, warns Rudy that Larry has been in and out of trouble, but Rudy dismisses this, saying that he's just had bad luck, although she is sceptical, thinking that Larry has made his own bad luck and tells Rudy that she hopes that he knows what he is doing, to which Rudy confidently replies in the affirmative.

Later that night, Larry finds a car with the key still inside and even finds a fresh pair of clothes to wear. He happily steals the car and drives off.

The next day he meets Rudy, Fat Albert and the gang at the junkyard and offers to take them to the city swimming pool telling them he has a car, Fat Albert gets suspicious about it and asked him where he got it. Larry lies, saying that his brother loaned it to him. Albert, unsure about this, asks Rudy if he knew Larry well, Rudy responds that he knew Larry well enough and tells him to relax.

As Larry and the kids head to the pool, a police car turns on it's sirens and orders them to pull over. Larry panics and speeds off, more cops come after him until he makes a turn to escape. The whole gang frowned at him and Fat Albert demands to know what's going on. Larry refuses to tell the truth and Albert demands that he must pull over to let him and the gang out. Larry reassures that everything is cool, but Fat Albert knows that what Larry did was wrong and warned him to let them out before they all get in trouble. As Larry speeds their way close to the pool, a police car blocks their way and the rest of the cops show up, demanding everyone to get out of the car. The police run a registration check and find out that the car was stolen.

Everyone is arrested and sent to the station, but Fat Albert and the gang are found out to have had no involvement in the car theft, and the officer takes the gang to the prison to show them what could happen to them if they hang about with the wrong people.

Afterwards, Larry is sentenced two years in prison for car theft.


  • He is voiced by Gerald Edwards 
  • Larry strongly resembles Dimitri from the episode, "The Dancer."