An old friend of Rudy who was known to been in trouble with the law, After getting out of jail he meets his old pal Rudy after a few years and enjoys chatting with him on the Rudy's way home, Rudy's Mother who noticed them out the window informs Rudy's that Larry is trouble, but Rudy says he's just had some bad luck that's all, although she is still unsure about Larry.

Later that night he see's a car with the key still inside and even finds a fresh pair of cloths to wear, happy he steals the car and drives off. The next day he meets Rudy and the gang at the junkyard and offers to take them to the pool telling them he has car, fat albert gets suspecius about it and asked him where he got it, Larry says that his brother loaned it to him. Albert is still unsure about it and asked Rudy if he knew Larry well, Rudy responds well enough and tells him to relax. As Larry heads to the pool, a police car sirens tells him to pull over, Larry panicking race's off, more cops come after him until he makes a turn to escape, Fat Albert and the gang give him dirty looks and demanding why he did it, only for Larry to respond that's it's a long story, Albert upset demands that he pull over and let him and the gang out, Larry tell's it's cool, but Fat Albert is knows that what he did was wrong and warned him to let them out before he got Upset, Larry tell's them they are almost at the pool, but a police car blocks there way and more cops show up demanding everyone to get out of the car, Everyone is arrested and sent to the station, but Fat Albert and the gang are found out to have had no inovlement in the car theft, and the officer takes the gang to the prison to show them what it's like. After words Larry is sentence for two years of jail .

 he is voiced by Gerald Edwards who is weird Harold's voice actor
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