Justin is Fat Albert's cousin who appears in Take Two They're Small.

Take Two They're SmallEdit

Justin was first shown with Fat Albert and the Gang inside Fat Albert's house, waiting for the rain to stop.They began to play football inside the house, when Fat Albert's father tells them to stop and that the rain is clearing up a bit. Once outside, they go into Perry's Dept. Store, they check out some coloring books, toys, and candy. There Justin, Fat Albert and the gang meet Harlow. What they don't know was that Harlow was telling him to shop lift for him. After leaving the store, Justin gives Fat Albert a piece of peanut brittle, when Fat Albert asks how did he get it, it was revealed that Justin stole it. Which starts to get Fat Albert worried about Justin being a thief. Later at dinner, Fat Albert tells his parents what had happened. Soon the following day, he calls Justin's parents who've had a hard time believing at first, until Justin accidentally, spills out the truth. This caused Justin's parents to be upset with him, and Justin to run off in tears. He then encounters Harlow, only this time refusing to take anymore stolen items. Not taking no for an answer, Harlow hassles him. Luckily, Fat Albert and the gang arrive and chase Harlow away. Along the way Harlow drops the stolen items he took, to which Fat Albert and the gang turn in by the police and arrests him. Soon Harlow was realeased from prison with probation and possibly learns his lesson. Justin now safe learns his lesson to never steal anything ever again.

 he is voiced by Eric Suter who is the voice actor for Rudy