Joyce is a teenage girl who appears in the episode, "Rudy and the Beast", she is the daughter of a film producer, and becomes friends with Fat Albert and the Gang, Including Rudy.

Rudy and the Beast

The gang first meets Joyce with her father filming in the Junkyard then she befriends Rudy, desiring for show business by using her to get her father to hire him. While on their date, Joyce's father calls Rudy for a screen test and he just calls their date off. Upset, Joyce runs away near the waterfront, where she is about to be mugged by a gang of thugs. Rudy, Fat Albert and the rest of the gang come to her rescue and the thugs retreated, ending up to the police. Joyce appreciates Rudy's help by receiving him a thank you kiss. Rudy changes his mind about the screen test and should of made it as an actor on his own. 


Joyce is African-american with a southern accent.

She wears a pine green dress with a white collar, white socks and black flats.


  • Rudy gives Joyce a pet name, "Cabbage Flower."
  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
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