Jason is Dumb Donald's cousin who loved to prank-play on people, but didn't realized that his jokes got out of hand until someone got injured.

He appears in the episode, "The Joker."

"The Joker"

Jason was first seen with Dumb Donald telling some racist jokes. Dumb Donald later introduces him to the guys who were building a race track for their car. His welcome quickly wears out when his various jokes cause nothing but trouble. One of his jokes results in the clubhouse, their TV being damaged, forcing the gang to earn money to buy a new one. Unfortunately, another prank from Jason ruins their efforts. Mudfoot later tells him and the gang about an episode of Legal Eagle dealing with the similar situation. However, Jason doesn't take the lesson to heart, as a result, Bucky gets injured and unable to compete in a skate race. Witnessing what happened to Bucky, Jason asks if he's alright, however, the gang tells him he's not and they angrily tell him they've had enough. Jason soon changes his ways and bought the gang a new TV set.


  • He is voiced by De'voreaux White
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