Lily McFluffy Butt: Dude quit posting your fucking spam shit. Sebi: hey hey hey Sebi: it's faaaaaaaat albert Lily McFluffy Butt: I don't give a fuck. Sebi: and i'm gonna sing a song for youuuuuuuu Sebi: and we're gonna teach you a thing or twoooooooooo Sebi: we'll have some fun now, with me and all the gang Sebi: learning from each other Sebi: while we do our thing Sebi: sING IT Lily McFluffy Butt: Are you gonna address what I said or sing some stupid-ass shit no one cares about? Sebi: NAHHHHHH NAHHHHHHH NAHHHHHH Sebi: GONNA HAVE A GOOD TIME Sebi: H E Y  H E Y  H E Y

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