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Fernando Garcia

Status Deceased
Race Latino
Hair Black
Eyes Black
Hat Blue

Fernando Garcia

Fernando Garcia was a young Latino boy and a friend of Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. His only appearance was in the season 8 episode "Gang Wars" (which aired on May 18, 1985), and while Fernando has not been the only character to die (the other being Uncle Monty), he was the only character to die on-screen.

"Tito! NO!"[]

~Fernando's last words.

Gang Wars[]

As Fat Albert and the Gang are helping to clean up a vacant lot for a new park that will be a safe place for young kids to play, Fernando shows up and volunteers to help. Fernando aspired to be a comedian, sharing with the others some of his jokes and impersonations, which impresses Fat Albert and the gang, and they decide to make Fernando the emcee for the park's grand opening.

But Fernando's older brother Tito is a member of a street gang and pressuring Fernando to join alongside of him as they are presently engaged in a turf war with a rival gang. Fat Albert is greatly concerned when he is unable to convince the other gang to end the violence, and the fact they have guns only makes things worse.

The night before the park dedication, the situation between the two gangs takes a very ugly turn. Fat Albert and Fernando are out looking for Tito when they're spotted by members of the rival gang who start chasing them. Fat Albert and Fernando run into police Sergeant Hernandez who orders them into his police cruiser for safety while he takes up the search for the gangs. But when he spots Tito and sees that he is about to be shot, Fernando runs and throws himself between Tito and the shooter, taking the bullet meant for Tito, but Fernando is instantly killed by the gunshot.

Enraged over his brother's death, Tito vows revenge against the rival gang, but Fat Albert rebukes Tito for his own actions, reminding him that Fernando sacrificed himself to save him, but it will all be for nothing if Tito gets killed, too. The police catch the shooter and the other members of the rival gang, but then Sergeant Hernandez points out to Tito that he too bears some responsibility for Fernando's death.

The next day, during the park's opening ceremony, Fat Albert's dedication speech becomes a eulogy for his fallen friend, and the park is renamed in Fernando's memory.

Bill's Lesson[]

"Tito learned what he should have known before. But what a terrible price that lesson cost. Tito lost a brother, Fat Albert and the guys lost a friend, and the whole world lost, too. It would've been a happier and better place if Fernando had lived. Every human life is precious and none should be wasted."

- Bill Cosby explained about Fernando's death

Fat Albert's eulogy for Fernando[]

"Thank you. This was supposed to be a funny speech by a funny person, a guy who liked to make people laugh. But instead, here I am, crying. His name was Fernando and... he... was killed last night, trying to stop a gang war. Fernando used to joke that he wouldn't forget us... when he became famous. All he wanted was a chance to grow, but a bullet took away that chance. Well, maybe he won't become world-famous, but he'll always be famous to his friends. That's why we're naming this: the "Fernando Garcia Park."

- Fat Albert's speech at the park's opening ceremony.


His voice was unrightfully uncredited on the show.