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    Fat Albert is a 2004 live-action/animated film based on Fat Albert and the Cosby Kids. The film was produced by Davis Entertainment for 20th Century Fox, and Kenan Thompson stars as Fat Albert.

Differences than the original show

  • The art style and animation is more "cartoony" and higher quality than the original show.
  • Many characters' appearances are different from the original show, and their voices have changed (except for Fat Albert and Weird Harold)


The movie known as "The Fatty A" takes place in a small town where everybody is huge and fat. Our protagonist Fatty A is a large man who is best friends with Jeffrey Peters and Lee Bujacz. the two well known kid touchers. The Movie starts off when Fatty A goes to the store to buy some slaves, when the shop keeper rejects him, he murders them in cold blood. Now a hardened criminal, Fatty A goes to the Local Gang "The Swag Man Kek Group". Here he finds his best friend Fernando, and shoots him in the head causing immense damage. With Fernando dead, The Swag Men Keks Banish Fatty A to the eternal everlasting abyss, where Fatty A spends the rest of his life in purgatory.

Now here comes our other protagonist, Fatty B, now, this is a large man. He has been known to eat whole whales in one gulp and is well respected because he is killed under the table. Fatty B starts off his adventure when he stumbles upon a group of unaware kids. Fatty B takes this opportunity and sprints up to them at full speed and lunges to take a chomp. The kids then run from the Meister of Fat at full speed fearing for their lives. Two go down, then another, and one more. With one kid left, Fatty B can smell the kids fear. The kid, Dumb Donald, was trapped, he sat in a corner and waited out his ultimate demise. Then he heard it, stomp stomp stomp. "Oh god..." Donald said. A shadow made of pure fat towers over him and that is the last thing he sees. Fatty B starts to wander down the street now that he has had his afternoon snack. "Hey hey hey, those were some tasty kids" he says through his many layers of blubber.

Right then, while Fatty B suffered from comatose after his meal, a large white van rolled up. "Get in the Van" they said, "Oh ok" Fatty B said. While driving, Fatty B closed his eyes. Hours passed by, days maybe even years, Until he woke up in a strange classroom with 15 skinny people in it. Right when Fatty B was B-in' around the walls exploded and he found himself on an island. Overwhelmed with joy, he decided to throw a party. During the epic swag party, there was a blackout (it was not only in the kitchen) He had a plan though, he grabbed his box and took out his extra swag pair of night vision goggles. "This is-" Then he was gone, stabbed through his organs with an iron skewer. He was stabbed by his own chef as well. Teruteru Hanamura had the last laugh.

Images of our God

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Fatty B

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Fatty B

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FAtty B

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Fatty B

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Fatty B with the boyz

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Fatty R


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