Elaine Withrow is a sweet, teenage girl who's a cheerleader and is Dumb Donald's love interest and the former love interest of Hammerhead Rex. 

She appears in the episode, "The Birds, The Bees and Dumb Donald." 


As the kids play a match of football, Donald pauses and sees Elaine sitting on the bleachers watching the game. He immediately develops a crush on her but unfortunately, she already has a boyfriend, the star quarterback, Hammerhead Rex.

The Gang decides to help Donald win Elaine's heart by pretending to be a Macho but Elaine seemed unimpressed by his demeanor. Hopeless, Donald, Fat Albert and their friends took a second chance by attending a game of capture the flag along with Hammerhead's Gang. While being protected from a wild bear, The kids find that Hammerhead Rex cheated by tying his flag onto a tree branch. Donald reaches for the flag and Hammerhead is defeated, thanks to the bear chasing him into a trap.

Later on, Elaine admits to Donald that he is a special person and likes him for being himself. As for Hammerhead Rex, Elaine, unhappy about the way he's treated her and that he cheated in the game, she leaves him behind and chooses to be with Donald.


Elaine appears to be almost the same height as Donald or a few inches shorter. She is African-american with her hair up in short, poofy pigtails, wears a yellow sweater with a white skirt, white knee socks and black flats.


  • Elaine is Dumb Donald's first crush
  • This is the first time Donald has fallen in love with a girl
  • She is voiced by Erika Schiemer


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