elad is a villain in the brown hornet in space museum caper

it first happens that something unexplained thing hitted the ship and elad's ship appeared and told the brown hornet and his crew to leave space

and then a space museum owner tells the brown hornet that elad stole some artwork from the museum from the museum then brown hornet and stinger go to the museum to see the crime and the space museum owner tells them about and then when the brown hornet tells stinger keep an eye on the ship when tweeterbell gets upset over the count spacey music that stinger is listening to elad get tweeterbell to trap her and put her for food for his pet monster and then tells the brown hornet and stinger that he trapped tweeterbell and was going to feed her to his monster in the forbidden space cave and then the brown hornet and stinger go to save tweeterbell and then the brown hornet comes and then elad go's to put his trap sowewhere else until the brown hornet come after him and gets defeated when the moral happens which is the same as the episode when a starfire happens

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