Dumb Donald
Dumb Donald DD


Dumb Donald

Voiced by

Lou Schiemer (Sagas 1-2)

Portrayed by/Voiced by

Marques Houston (Saga 3/The Final Saga)


Christine Weston Chandler


Ted Bundy


Barbara Ann Weston Chandler


Robert Chandler



Junkyard Band

Trombone 1

Dumb Donald is a member of the Junkyard Gang. In the Junkyard Band, he plays the trombone (made from a long, bent pipe and a Victrola horn machine).


Dumb Donald, as his name would suggest, is very simple-minded and loud, but means well and tries his best to help the gang and be nice.


Dumb Donald is a lanky African-american teenager.

He wears a pink knit-cap which covers his face (aside from his eyes and mouth), a green long-sleeved jersey with 2 blue stripes on each sleeve (which is three sizes too big), blue pants, green socks and blue sneakers. This is his appearance from Saga 1-3.

The only difference in The Final Saga is that his hat is a bit darker.


  • In Sagas 1-2 Dumb Donald's full face was never seen. In The Final Season, however, Dumb Donald took off his hat, revealing his face. In Saga 3, his face was only his floating eyeballs and mouth, which is theorized to be due to his transformation into a Nobody. The reason why his face returns in The Final Saga is possibly due to the fact that he was purified offscreen, however nobody knows for sure.
  • In an issue of the Gold Ket Fat Albert comic, a flashback sequence had someone yank the hat of Donald and tossed out a window, revealing only the back of his head, and that he had average closely African-American style hair.


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