Doris Robertson is the main female protagonist of the movie, "Fat Albert".  She has become a social outcast after the recent death of her grandfather, Albert Robertson. Fat Albert and the gang go to see what's the matter with her when she sheds a tear on a remote, allowing them to venture from their TV world to the real world. Rudy, during the movie develops a strong bond with her and has a crush on her, but it can never be since Rudy is a cartoon. Despite some early tensions, she becomes quite fond of Fat Albert. Fat Albert later learns from his creator Bill Cosby that his character is based off of Doris' grandfather in his younger years, which explains why Albert seemed so familiar to her. The time Doris's spent with her (younger) animated grandfather helps her regain her confidence and tearfully says her goodbye to him as he returns to his cartoon world with the rest of the Junkyard gang. Some time later, she visits the cemetery where her grandfather's buried and she sees Cosby and his friends (who were the inspiration of Fat Albert's friends in the TV show) who are also visiting Albert's grave. They then have a race, showing that despite old age, Cosby and his friends are still kids at heart.
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