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Devray is a negative influence to [[The Junkyard Gang]] and close friends with [[Rudy]]. He has a younger sister, a mother,{{Infobox|Box title = Devray|image = File:9349223923238.jpg|Row 1 title = Portrayed by|Row 1 info = Gerald Edwards}}and a very large father.
Devray is tall, muscular, and broad chinned. He appeared in The Fat Albert Halloween Special, briefly wearing a witch costume. The rest of the time he wore a sea green long sleeved shirt, with the sleeves rolled up. The hem of the shirt is also rolled up, resembling a half shirt.
While not intentionally dangerous, he is a horrible influence. He causes trouble and gets into even more trouble. He dares other people to cause mischief for the sake of mindless pranking without even taking part of his own pranks. Not only does every one of his plans backfire, it suggests that if only he had done the opposite he would be able to have even more fun without trying so hard. One example is pranking Mrs. Bakewell instead of simply knocking on the door asking for Trick-Or-Treat. The Junkyard Gang discover that he is loud talk on the outside but cowardly on the inside.
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