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Dark Fat Albert


Dark Fat Albert

Voiced by

Bill Cosby (presumably)

Dark Fat Albert is an unknown dark version of Fat Albert, presumably an evil doppelganger. It appears in rare instances from the classic series, usually in between commercial breaks.


Dark Fat Albert is almost identical in appearance to the original Fat Albert, the only difference being the colors. Its body is completely black in darkness with its eyes only being visible, while his shirt is a deep maroon. It is not known what the colors are to the rest of his outfit, though it is presumed that they're a darker shade in color of Fat Albert's like the shirt.


Not much of Dark Fat Albert's personality is known, if it has one at all. Due to its menacing nature and name, it is presumed that it's at least not as friendly or caring as the original Fat Albert.


  • Dark Fat Albert is the most obscure character in the Fat Albert franchise.
  • Dark Fat Albert sometimes sports a dark blue shirt to contrast Fat Albert's red.