Carly Wilson is a teenage girl with a speech problem and appears in the episode, "You Don't Say."


Carly is first seen, singing in her garden. She joins Weird Harold as his partner for the school pep squad but Rudy thinks that Carly's stuttering would be a problem but she can't help it.

Frustrated by Harold's actions towards her, Carly runs off and Albert finds her upset. They sit on the bleachers in the football field and Carly explains that singing changes the rhythm of her speech pattern, which makes her not stutter at all, with the support of speech therapy.

Albert decides to take her in as his new partner since his original partner, Rhonda dropped out. As they done their tryouts, Carly shouts out to Rudy and Harold when a scoreboard light was about to fall on them. Relieved, the boys apologized to Carly about the way they treated her and learned to not judge people for the way they speak or sound like.


She wears a yellow tank top with a black belt, purple pants, a red beret and black flats


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer
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