Buffy is a young girl who is a friend of Fat Albert from the episode,

"The New Father." 


Buffy has become very close to her mom since her father's death. However, Buffy's mom enters into a relationship with a man named Ken Haney, much to Buffy's reluctance. She becomes further resistant when they announce they'll be getting married. Buffy isn't happy about it because she thinks her mom will love Ken more than her. On the day of the wedding, Buffy runs away from home and hides out at the amusement park, even though it's closed. She winds up in danger as the gang tracks her down. Fortunately, Ken is able to save her in time and Buffy realizes that her mother has enough love for them both so she's willing to accept him as part of the family.


Buffy has short, blonde hair and wears a black tank-top, blue trousers, white long socks and navy black shoes.


  • Her voice actress is unknown


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