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William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr.

Portrayed by

Bill Cosby (classic series)
Keith Robinson (film)

Junkyard Band


William Henry "Bill" Cosby Jr. is a member of the Junkyard Gang, and Russell's older brother. In the Junkyard Band, he plays the drums (made from a foot-petal trashcan and a metal box) As his name suggests, he is an animated version of the series' creator, Bill Cosby. (although the real Bill Cosby himself is a live-action narrator)


Young Bill was kept in the background for the most part, giving the other kids more prominence. The real life Bill Cosby probably felt he had a large enough role as the host of the show to start with. Like Fat Albert, Bill is usually a straightforward, level headed voice of reason in the gang, although at times a little more stubborn. As the older brother of Russell, he is often trying to keep his smart-mouthed little brother out of trouble, though not always successfully. But overall his presence was pretty reduced.

He was shown to be the biggest fan of The Brown Hornet of the group, and even played the titular hero in the gang's homemade production of a Brown Hornet episode for a contest. Bill is very caring of his little brother Russell and one of the nicest. In some episodes of Season 8, Bill and Mushmouth are absent, such as "Faking the Grade" and "Attitude of Gratitude".


Bill is an African-American teenager based on Bill Cosby, when he was younger.

He wears a wrinkled white long-sleeve shirt, blue jean pants, and white sneakers with blue circles on each side, similar to Fat Albert's shoes, but on Fat Albert's shoes, the circles are red.

In the movie, Bill's shirt is now sky blue with a graphic of the Brown Hornet on it, and his shoes are now black and white.