Betty is Dumb Donald's younger cousin who appears in the episode, "The Stranger."


It starts off Dumb Donald is not happy that his cousin is coming to visit from the south. As she arrives, the gang later gets a detention, they blame her for it and then end up in a big mess after tidying up the classroom. Donald comes up with an idea, a game of tennis between Betty and Rudy, after winning the match, Rudy, disappointed he lost, the gang then quits. Betty helps the gang with their assignment on King Arthur, by using their imagination and playing many roles, as a result, their inspiration had been jot down on their assignments and ended up with passing grades, all thanks to Betty, who Fat Albert and the gang finally accepts, invites her to come hang out with them in the junkyard.


Betty appears to be an African-American child/preteen, wearing a yellow jumper with an orange shirt underneath, orange socks, yellow shoes and yellow bows in her hair.


  • She is voiced by Erika Scheimer


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